1. Marine Diploma Program

UHT’s Marine Diploma Program offers 3-year diploma programs to prepare students for entering seafarers’ life.

Areas of Study:

  • Nautics(Diploma)
  • Engineering / Technique (Diploma)
  • Business Shipping Management (Diploma)


  1. Faculty of Engineering and Marine Science

UHT’s Faculty of Engineering and Marine Science delivers a range of programs across naval engineering, maritime environment and science. It has strong links with maritime companies including Shipping and Logistics Companies located in Indonesia.

The faculty is located within the Surabaya City – home to maritime facilities  where industries (Perak Seaport) and public navy services work hand in hand to serve the maritime communities.

Areas of Study:

  • Naval Architecture Engineering (Undergraduate)
  • Naval System Engineering (Undergraduate)
  • Electrical Engineering (Undergraduate)
  • Oceanography (Undergraduate)
  • Fisheries (Undergraduate)


  1. Faculty of Medicine

UHT’s Faculty of Medicine offers a stimulating learning environment and courses that focus on improving the health of communities both locally and globally.

Medicine students and Pharmacy students also have access to laboratories and clinical practice facilities in the Dr. Ramelan Navy Hospital.

Areas of Study:

  • Medical Science (Undergraduate)
  • Pharmacy (Undergraduate)


  1. Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

Social and Political Sciences students can undertake work experience, short-term internships in the 4th year of their study program. The faculty has strong links with reputable and respected companies, public institutions,  including: PT. PAL Indonesia, PT. DOK & Perkapalan Surabaya, PT. Angin Timur, PT Batamec Shipyard, etc.

Areas of Study:

  • Business Administration (Undergraduate)
  • Public Administration (Undergraduate & Postgraduate)


  1. Faculty of Law

UHT’s faculty of law as the only law faculty which is characterized by marine science offers several concentration areas of maritime law and supported the role of the navy. UHT’s faculty of law is composed of mono programs, namely legal studies programs are accompanied by a concentration field of law such as criminal law, civil law, administrative law / constitutional law, and international law.

Areas of Study:

  • Criminal Law (Undergraduate)
  • Civil Law (Undergraduate)
  • Administration Law / Constitutional Law (Undergraduate)
  • International Law (Undergraduate & Postgraduate)
  • Health Law (Postgraduate)
  • Court Law (Postgraduate)


  1. Faculty of Dentistry

UHT’s faculty of dentistry which was established in 1997, has mission to produce professional dentists whose competence in skills and have ability to develop the science and knowledge in dentistry and supplementary competence in marine science and knowledge. The faculties educate students so they will graduate as dentists who have strong human attitudes, focus on the morality. The method of learning is mainly student centered learning, small group discussion class, lecture, practice, skills lab, and integrated clinical course. The method of evaluations are: written exams, student oral case analysis (SOCA), objective structured clinical examination (OSCE), thesis exam, clinical profession exam, and comprehensive examination.

Areas of Study:

  • Academic Program (Undergraduate)
  • Professional Program (Graduate Dentist)


  1. Faculty of Psychology

Faculty of Psychology is equipped with Psychological Applied Centre, Child Care and Playgroup which enable Psychology students to apply their knowledge.

Areas of Study:

  • Social Psychology (Undergraduate)
  • Clinical Psychology (Undergraduate)
  • Industrial-Organizational Psychology (Undergraduate)
  • Educational Psychology (Undergraduate)
  • Developmental Psychology (Undergraduate)